Cul -

Guess you could say we’re not your average studio.

01. Who are we?

We are a small band of filmmakers all still learning and developing our craft. We are also sharp entrepreneurs as well. We are out to change the business of making films starting with the wild west of filmmaking: webseries. We are looking to experiment with what it means to make videos for a living in the digital age and we are discussing our findings with our always legendary audience: our Legendarians!

02. Culture

Brainstorm. Create. Test. Laugh. Repeat. We’re all about trying new things here and it always starts with a brainstorm. Then we’re jumping into creating it, then testing it, laughing along the away (because you have to have fun in this job), then doing it all over again. We take our Legendarians along with us on this big adventure.

03. Mission

As artists, we are out to create beautiful stories. As entertainers, we want all of our work to be an experience. As entrepreneurs, we want to create jobs in this industry and pave the way for future. As teachers, we want to be the shoulders our students stand on. And as adventurers, we want to keep making legendary videos. As Christians, we want all we do to honor our Creator.

Te -

The characters behind the stories you love.