Bio -

Arel started the company back in 2012. His goal? To just make money doing what he loved so he could finally marry the girl he loved: Sheila. He did just that. The company started out solely working on promos for companies and non-profits, which paid the bills, but Arel wanted to do more. So, he started teaming up with his, then girlfriend, now wife, Sheila, to create videos here and there. Arel wasn’t very consistent at these, always letting work step in the way. After finally achieving his first goal, which was to be able to provide for Sheila and marry her through his work with Avellino Studios, Arel felt he needed to do more than serve other companies. He needed to create! Thus began the adventure to create his first long form project, Being Vigil, and his regular videos on Avellino Studios’ YouTube. Having learned so much through his time building Avellino Studios, Arel also wanted to teach others, which is why he began to mentor students through The Film Guild, a filmmaking club for young filmmakers, as well as, starting the podcast, Film Thrive, where he talks with film business professionals and unveils his own experience about making a living making films.