Bio -

Sheila is the sole reason for why Avellino Studios ever came about, having pushed Arel, while they were still dating, to pursue his passion of making films. All along the way she is an influential part of pushing Avellino Studios to new levels of creativity. Serving as the Creative Director, Sheila is basically the glue that holds every project together. She first established herself in this role with one of Avellino Studios’ first projects, creating a creative video trailer for the developing novel, Sketch. The project pushed what Avellino Studios was capable of at the time and without her guidance, the studio may not have risen to the challenge, but we did and have never looked back. She further her established her role on our project, Trafficked: A Model Story, an epic short film, following a young model being taken by sex traffickers. It was a 3 day shoot with many moving pieces and Sheila was the mastermind behind it all. She lead the creative team and kept the project running smoothly.

On a regular basis, you will find Sheila at her iMac or Macbook, either working on her novel, Sketch, or creating another sketching up another digital masterpiece.